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Injection Molding Screw Barrel

Plastivo Extrusions has been involved in the production of a variety of Injection Moulding Screw Barrels. Aside from being the most advanced in terms of performance, screw barrels are also known for being extremely user-friendly. 


The barrel, like the screw, operates under high pressure, high temperature, severe wear, and corrosion. The barrel can transfer heat to or from the material during the extrusion process. The barrel’s heating and cooling system must be installed, as well as the machine head. The geometry and location of the feeding port have a significant impact on feeding performance. The smooth finish of the barrel’s inner surface and the groove in the inner wall of the feeding section have a significant impact on the extrusion process. 


The injection moulding screw barrel is built using top-quality components and cutting-edge technology. The length/diameter ratio of 15–46 is used to manufacture low melt temperature spare parts. We offer the screw barrel in a variety of nitride forms, such as gas or plasma nitrides, depending on the needs of the client