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Plastivo Extrusions Repairing Services Screws & Barrel

Plastivo offers a complete line of design, manufacturing and rebuilding services including

The cost to the customer of the repair procedure, a form of remanufacturing, might occasionally be comparable to that of producing a brand-new screw barrel. There is typically limited room for savings when compared to purchasing a new screw barrel because extrusion screw barrels cost less than injection molding screw barrels. However, compared to the cost of the original equipment, repairing exceptionally big or extensively equipped extrusion screw barrels could be much less expensive.


It may be more cost- and time-effective to refurbish a damaged extrusion or injection cylinder than to replace it with a new one. When conditions are ideal, savings of 25% to 50% of the price of a new barrel may be realized. However, not all or even the majority of barrels can benefit from repair. The type and size of the barrel is the first determinant of whether repair is a practical alternative. 


We invented several of the common screw building and rebuilding procedures that are still in use today as pioneers in the plastics industry. We can repair your worn screws to save you time and money while maintaining the same exacting quality requirements as our custom screw solutions. 


Our staff thoroughly examines the overall condition of your screw as well as the present design when we get your screw for possible rebuilding. We can restore your screw to like-new condition, re-chrome, nitride, harden, and even re-cut the original design to enhance performance and wear-life where it is cost-effective to do so.