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Ring Plunger (Torpedo)

A non-return valve is used in injection moulding to stop the flow of molten resin back into the screw channels while the screw is going forwards. Steels or alloys that are most suited to the processing environment in which they will be employed are used to create valves. Options include different heat-treated tool steels with nitride, nickel alloys, chrome plating, and unique coatings. 


Plastivo Extrusions is well-known for producing high-quality Ring Plunger Sets. This Ring Plunger Set is primarily intended for use with injection moulding machines. This product’s high tensile strength is well-known in the market for its precise construction and exceptional strength. BR Engineering Works pvt ltd offers a variety of sizes and designs to our customers. Ring Plunger Set Torpedo sets are made from nitro alloy en41b materials.

Our Product Construction Specifications Are as Follows.