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Twin Screw Barrel

We also offer a twin screw and barrel pair that is anti corrosion and wear resistant and has a high quality and performance rate with coating. We developed a new screw design that can be used to process PVC pipes and profile compounding. We produce twin screw pairs and twin barrels for all of the well-known extruder manufacturers.


Because of how they work, twin screw barrels are in high demand in the market. We have supplied many screw barrels in India and around the world. Our screws are made with advanced technology and machines that provide a variety of benefits such as strength, durability, exact fit, ease of use and removal, and so on. Our products are specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Conical Twin Screw Barrel

Two inter-meshing, co-rotating screws are mounted on top of splined shafts inside a closed barrel in the Conical Twin Screw and Barrel. A twin-screw and barrel system aids in transportation, compression, mixing, shearing, heating, pumping, and cooling, among other things. The conical twin-screw and barrel system also provides a high level of flexibility.


A twin-screw and barrel system is simple and easy to maintain. It improves production consistency and maintains product quality control. It also benefits the environment by leaving a smaller carbon footprint due to water and energy savings. Because of the continuous processing, comparatively faster start-up and shut-down, and advanced automation, using the twin screw and barrel increases productivity.


EN41B and Tungsten Coating are used in the manufacture of the Conical Twin Screw & Barrel. It assists us in achieving a hardness of 65-68 HRC. Our company’s conical twin screw and barrel are nitrided-core treated, have a bi-metal overlay with plasma transferred arc welding, and are 1.7mm thick. For PVC pipes, profiles, sheets, and extrusion foaming products, the conical twin-screw and barrel system is the best option. The conical twin-screw and barrel system is also used in PE and PP corrugated pipes.. We manufactures screws and barrels according to present market needs like high filler, low filler application and ISI grade. Plastivo Extrusions follow all standard manufacturing process and adhere all standard norms of manufacturing.


Parallel Twin Screw Barrel

Parallel twin screw barrel are primarily used in pipe and compounding extrusion plants to increase output and improve mixing. Manufacturers of Plastivo Extrusion Twin screws and barrels necessitate higher accuracies, which we ensure meet. The axis, bore of the barrel, and screw meshing all play important roles in ensuring the smooth operation of equipment and machines.


The parallel twin screw barrel has good plasticizing properties, a high output, and steady extrusion as well as a fair screw structure design. The spiral surface of the parallel twin screw barrel typically uses double-alloy spray welding, which can significantly increase the screw and barrel’s useful life.

The parallel twin screw barrel provides a high load-bearing torque and uses less energy. It may successfully prevent flaws like black and yellow lines in the printing plate and sheet extrusion process.


Two Stage Vented Screw Barrel

What is a Vented Screw?
In essence, vented screws are two screws in one. In essence, a vented or two-stage screw is two screws on one shaft. The first one feeds, melts, and moves the polymer forwards like a standard screw. The second screw functions similarly, but the first one feeds its melt into it. 

The vent ports are a single or several apertures in the barrel that will allow the polymer to remove volatile material while it is being processed. They eliminate volatile contaminants that could harm the production process and the final product. These are expelled to the atmosphere through the vents. Furthermore, vent apertures can be used to mix in heat- or shear-sensitive additives farther along the screw’s journey.